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an image database built for Computer Vision Research

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Two sorts of images compose this database, 300 Query Images and 3,153 Database Images.
Each Query Image contains a single object within plain background. Exclusively, they are all things you can find in a supermarket.
Each Database Image captures what you see when standing about 1 meter away from a shelf in a supermarket. In such way, all 3,153 Database Images build up a complete view of all shelves in a big supermarket. Two Database Images of adjacent area have some overlapping to ensure no part of the shelves is missed.
Image resolution is either 2,272 x 1,704 or 2,592 x 1,944. Image format is Jpeg. No illumination or viewpoint constraint is adopted. Some images contain weak or strong blur.
The groundtruth is built manually.
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Related Work

We would highly appreciate it if you can cite our work when using this database.
Where's the Weet-Bix? ACCV (1) 2007: 800-810 BibTex
Handling Significant Scale Difference for Object Retrieval in a Supermarket, DICTA 2009BibTex
Content-based Image Retrieval: Out of the Clutter in a Big Supermarket


The total database is 2.1G in size. It is divided into 10 subsets and zipped individually for an easier download.
Database Image 1 Query Image
Database Image 2 Groundtruth
Database Image 3
Database Image 4
Database Image 5
Database Image 6
Database Image 7
Database Image 8
Database Image 9
Database Image 10

These images were originally provided in form of tgz which was a foolish decision of Yuhang. Thanks, Richard!
Together with this apology, here is a tip for opening a tgz file under linux.

tar -xzvf filename.tgz


A DEMO of our retrieval system can be found here.

Our work has been covered by press: ComputerWorld and Velocity.

about Weet-Bix:
This not very long story started with Yuhang's MPhil program. Before that he never knew what Weet-Bix is. However, when he ran his retrieval system for the first time, something called Weet-Bix was the only thing he could ever find. Thus he started a relationship with Weet-Bix, since it was the 'only' one who stood up for his work. Although his system can work much better now than ever Weet-Bix is still his dearest, because some people tell him Weet-Bix is a healthy choice for breakfast.
Has Yuhang ever put a piece of Weet-Bix into his mouth? No, never. To do that he needs to get up early enough to have breakfast first!